Wishing for Moonrain

braving the sun wind...

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Please be nice and drop me a message or comment in my LJ when you adding me, its easier to become friends and get closer that way, you dont want just having anonym someone on you flist (exceptions to occur), I love to have many friends around the world <3 LOVE PEACE FREEDOM ;)

Im born 1980 in Kirgistan, Bishkek.
That means my mother language is... right Russian^^
I moved to Germany with my family, so... exactly, I speak German likewise.
You'll need to read forward to find out why this journal is in ENGLISH :D

My sign is Scorpio, my ascendent is Libra, so am I made of antitheses. Scorpio's main planet is Mars, aggressive God of War, while Libra's main planet is feminine and soft Venus. And then there is Pluto God of the Underwold, of the Death.

Libra is the lover of beauty, art, music, literature.
Scorpio is all into psychology, mystic and forbidden dark secrets.

Dolls are my passion, they help me to show my feelings, they fullfill my desire to own things, like real people shouldnt be.

Scorpio is very direct, Libra is the diplomatist.

This is the part of history,
back then I got into collecting dolls I searched for customs and OOAK dolls and found only english speaking forums.

So for seak of information I got used to write in and on english/forums.

Another reason is that I want my LJ to be internationally.

IF I DONT ADD YOU BACK its because:

your journal content no personal information

you never post pictures

you dont use LJ-CUT for longer text AND more the one (big) picture (I allow exceptions :D)

you post vulgare unaesthetic pictures and/or texts

you hate dolls LOL

you hate people who chat too much about dolls

My dolls:


1. Unidoll Ark
2. Angell Studio Kana
3. Domuya Fin
4. Soom Sabik
5. Spiritdoll Thorn
6. Dolkot Peya
7. Leeke Orientdoll Tae Il

Except of dolls Im intrested in: gothic, poetry, psychology, pagan, wicca, astrology, astronomy, and mineralogy ;)